Digital Art Heaven - Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's

We will be adding to this list as we go. There are many questions that will be asked and we will pick up on those that are most frequently asked, so stay tuned.

1. How long does it take Customer Service to get back to me?

Give us 48 hours to reply. We may get back to your right away, it all depends on time zones and amount of mail waiting for us. If by any chance more than 48 hours pass, please resend, something may have happened in cyber space and the original mail may not have reached us.

2. I am not in Europe will you be open at other hours than stated?

We will be having staff from other time zones so the opening hours may change. Still whenever we are online we will check mail and sort out problems that may arise. This can be at very odd hours so do not be surprised if you receive and answer to your questions well outside opening hours.

3. How do I obtain a license number from Digital Art Heaven?

You will be issued a license when you register at the shop. You need to use this license number on all creations you make with Digital Art Heaven art. You will only get one license, please do not register more than ones and make sure you write down your information for our shop.  Your license number will be sent to you in a welcome mail after you register. If you do not for some reason receive this mail, please check your spam folder, before contacting customer service.

4. How do I display my license number on my creations?

You must always put artist copyright, web site and your license info on all creations you make with the tubes you have purchased the right to use. Your license should be displayed as  DAH-number

Sample: ©Artist Name,  www.ArtistWebsite.com,  DAH-123

Some artists allow their art used with other DAH artists, make sure you check the TOU for clarification

When using two DAH artists both cc info are needed
Sample: ©Artist Name,  www.ArtistWebsite.com, ©Artist Name,  www.ArtistWebsite.com, DAH-123 
Sample: ©Artist Name,  www.ArtistWebsite.com, Image by ©Artist Name,  www.ArtistWebsite.com, DAH-123

You can also add tagged by or something like that but only © for the artist, do not add © before your name!

Avatars: ©Artist Name, DAH-123

For stationery:
Header Image needs to have artist copyright, web site and your license info, this is also needed in the footer (bottom) of the stationery.
Side borders need to have artist copyright, web site and your license info on the side border image and also in the footer (bottom) of the stationery.

For any other digital creating using artists licensed with Digital Art Heaven: artist copyright, web site and your license info.

5. Will you do license exchange?

Yes, of course we will do license exchange with proof of purchase. Provide us with receipt from your purchase and please list the tubes or better yet, send us screen shot. We may send you new tubes as our tube sizes are probably bigger than the tubes you got from other licensing companies.

6. Can I gift tubes or scrap kits to friends?

Yes you can, there are several gift certificate available. You can find them here: Gift Certificates.  Please read the information for how to purchase and gift. Simply follow the links in the Gift Certificates FAQ's.

7. The Gift Certificate code keeps telling me it is invalid?

When you click the link in the email you receive about you gift certificate, it is automatically redeemed. You will see the amount you have or balance as you go through the checkout. In the Gift Certificate box you can see a small box at the bottom right in that box, that says apply amount. Underneath it you will see your balance. Simply type in the amount you want to spend, anything left will be kept in your balance account for later use. Gift certificate FAQ HERE.

8. Do you allow household, family tube usage?

Yes we do, but we do need proof of residence. Scan a mail of the family member or other proof of the person belonging to your household. Each member of the household (Husband, wife, children etc.) must have their own number, they cannot use your number on their creations. You will have to inform us of each household member who are sharing the same tubes along with their license numbers and proof or residence.

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